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Let’s talk running – five starting points before you set off

Thinking about getting more active? Running could be for you. Getting out running can make you healthier, happier and fitter. It’s a great way to meet people, and spend time with friends. According to research studies, it’s also seen to be one of the few ways you can extend your lifespan.

Here are a few tips you should know before you start out.

1. Get the right footwear. You know the old adage – get a good bed and a good pair of shoes because you’ll spend your life in either one. This is doubly true for an on-your-feet active sport like running. Make sure you choose shoes that fit and reduce impact to avoid hurting your joints.

2. Get the right footwear! We’re not repeating ourselves, don’t worry. Footwear means more than just shoes. Choose your socks carefully too. Sweat-wicking technology in clothes and footwear means your feet will feel more dry and comfortable during a run.

3. Remember – it takes time Your first few runs will be tough. While you shouldn’t take it too easy, you also shouldn’t expect miracles. Do your best. Appreciate the work you’ve done.

4. Don’t worry, be appy There are loads of apps and devices that can help you chart your runs, set goals and keep up the pace, as well as lots in between. To find one that fits your particular needs, get a recommendation from a like-minded friend. Then why not run together too?

5. Set goals: Goals will keep you motivated. They’re a way to plan ahead, track progress, and a tool to look back on all you’ve achieved. They’ll also encourage you to stick at it. Place your goals somewhere visible in the house so you’re reminded of where you want to be.