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Starting a new job: acknowledging the nerves

Starting a new job can be stressful. You may need every ounce of your self-reliance and self-belief, but also the willingness to place trust in your new colleagues.

Everyone talks about the excitement of starting in a new role, but we all also need to acknowledge that a new job is a natural cause of mental pressure, which if left unmanaged can lead to unnecessary anxiety.

To help manage this, we’ve put together some helpful tips for people who are entering a new phase in their careers.

1. Everybody gets nervous. Even the most experienced senior people get nervous when they start a new job. Try to imagine everyone in your new workplace on their first day. It will remind you that everybody has been in your shoes before.

2. Being nervous is a good thing. Having a bout of nerves can give you energy. Natural nervous energy can be used to focus on the job at hand and pretty soon the nerves will be gone.

3. You’ve been here before. Try to remember a time when you were nervous taking on something new in the past that ultimately went well. Past success can be a great way to remind yourself of what you are capable of.

4. Remember you’ve already gotten the job. If your new employers didn’t have confidence in you, they wouldn’t have hired you. So relax, the hard part is over and nobody expects you to know everything straight away.

As a final point, it’s worth noting that making friends with colleagues creates a feeling of belonging. When challenged with difficult tasks, this stands to us as social animals. We need to be able to feel that we are not alone. That’s why establishing some close colleagues is important.

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