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8 Gentle Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time for parents-to-be, as they make all the necessary preparations for their new arrival!

Lots of expectant mums are keen to stay active throughout pregnancy, and yoga is an enjoyable, low-impact activity that may help relieve aches, soothe sore muscles and keep breathing calm.

Here are eight easy poses to get you started, but remember to consult your GP, obstetrician and yoga instructor before embarking on a new routine, or indeed, continuing on with one from your pre-pregnancy days.

1. Easy cross-legged (Sukhasana)

Calming but challenging, this pose stretches leg muscles and encourages the pelvis forward, meaning your baby is in the right position for delivery.

2. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Good for opening hips and lengthening the spine. During the third trimester, place a pillow under your body to support your bump.

3. Cat / Cow (Marjariasana-Bitilisana)

Back pain is common during pregnancy. This gentle stretch helps warm up the spine, and shifts the weight of the baby away from your back.

4. Wide Angle Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

Stimulates internal organs and improves digestion, while strengthening the spine and easing back pain. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, this pose tones abdominal muscles while also stretching inner and back leg muscles. Your digestive system can also benefit from this.

5. Tree (Vrksasana)

A classic and straightforward enough pose, this is especially great for maintaining balance, which can be a bit off as your bump grows!

6. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

This is a challenging pose, but the rewards are great. An all-round body strengthener, this opens the hips and upper body and can alleviate back pain.

7. Extended Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana)

As this deep stretch is all about balance, practicing it regularly will strengthen the core and legs. Opening up the groin and hamstring muscles helps to support the lower back and prepare the hips for the labour process. Repeated practice of this pose should improve overall balance, also.

8. Supported Fish (Matsyasana)

This supported back bend will feel great if you’ve been aching during pregnancy. It’s also an incredibly soothing way to open up the hips and alleviate any aches related to that area.